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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Andrew Hunter and the Kirk Session of Shuttle Street

THE erection of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Chapel in AD. 1750, and which still stands facing the Green, called forth an act of narrow-minded prejudice and intolerance of the most ludicrous character, which to readers of this more liberal minded generation will appear hardly credible.

Andrew Hunter, one of the masons, happened to be a member of what was the oldest Burgher congregation here, then called the Shuttle Street Secession Congregation, (and latterly Greyfriars U.P. Church in North Albion Street).

The circumstances are set forth in the following minute copied from their records of session, 26th April, 1750.

"The session, understanding by the moderator and some members of the session, that they had conversed privately with Andrew Hunter, mason, a member of this congregation, who had engaged to build the Episcopal meeting-house in this place, and have been at great pains in convincing him of the great sin and scandal of such a practice; and the session, understanding that notwithstanding thereof he has actually begun the work, they therefore appoint him to be cited to the session, at their meeting on Thursday, after sermon."

Andrew Hunter did go on with the "great sin" of building the Episcopal meeting-house, and the moderator and session having failed to open his eyes to "the scandal of such a practice," he was forthwith excommunicated.

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