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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
St. Mungo goes forth from Culross

At the close of Kentigernís probation, St. Serf, at the instigation of the disciples, who were jealous of their favoured companion, called upon him to work a still more wonderful miracle, which, as the story tells, after earnest striving in prayer he was, by divine aid, enabled to perform.

During his devotions it was revealed to him that he should now go forth to fulfil his mission, which, to the great grief of St. Serf, he lost no time in doing. The going forth of the youthful saint is said to have been attended at the very outset with another marvel at the ford of the Forth, by which he crossed over to the southern shore, the account of his passage, in its earliest known form, being made to rival that of the Israelites in the passage of the Red Sea.

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