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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Mr Thom's two-edged admonition

BEFORE the disuse of public rebukes Mr. Thorn was called to perform that disagreeable duty, in the case of a young man who had fallen into the sin which generally incurred this censure. It happened that the offender was employed in one of the large shops of Glasgow, and had a great many female acquaintances, whose tongues were busily employed on the occasion. Mr. Thom became aware that several glaikit girls had taken pains to ascertain the day of appearance, and set trysts to be witnesses of their friendís confusion. Resolving that such unseemly conduct should not go unpunished, he framed his expected admonition after the following fashion:-

"Poor young man, Iím vexed for you, or any other honest lad in your position. Itís grievous to see a decent, wise-looking man like you brought to shame in this manner, But, oh, man, thereís little wonder, for I think half the gypsies of Glasgow are after you this very day."

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