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Good Words 1860
"Sorrowing, Yet Rejoicing"

Saddest times are oft the sweetest,
When we know that God is near,
And we feel that it is meetest
Meekly all His will to bear.

Then the angels hover near us,
Whispering messages of love,
Seeking in our woe to cheer us,
And to lift our hearts above.

Jesus tells us that, through bitter
Sufferings, He was perfect made;
And He asks us were it fitter
None of these on us were laid,

Or that we, when waves of trouble
Roll tempestuous o'er the soul,
Learn how God will give us double
When we reach the wish'd-for goal.

Oh, how sweetly does He lead us,
In those hours when like to sink,
To the waters—there to feed us
With His manna on their brink—

Till we rise with strength renewed,
Both to do and bear His will—
Heart-revived and soul-bedewed—
Thanking God for good and ill!

J. A.

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