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Home Life of the Highlanders 1400 - 1746

THE Executive in charge of the Highland Village (An Clachan) as part of the Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art, and Industry, have arranged the publication of this book with a view to providing visitors to the Clachan with concise and accurate information concerning home-life in the Highlands of Scotland before the Rising under Prince Charles Edward Stuart. It is hoped that the volume will also have a wide circulation among Highlanders who are unable to visit the Exhibition. The provision of so comprehensive a work, at a popular price, has only been rendered possible by the generosity of the contributors, each of whom has supplied his article gratuitously. To them, and to Mr. David N. Mackay for undertaking the complete management of the publication and supplying an adequate index, the Executive now express their sincere gratitude.

Glasgow, May, 1911.

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