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Canadian Life as I Found It
By a Homesteader (1908)


THESE experiences of Canadian life have been lived through by settlers in the North-West Territories, during the years quoted, and are meant, not to deter others from making a trial of the kind of life herein painted, but to point out to them more truly than has I believe hitherto been done, what that life really is, what each one must be prepared to do, and to suffer, if they wish to succeed.

I have written few trivial details of daily life; every one can fill these in according to individual means, and aptitude. I have kept more to the broad lines, that will give a good idea of what is the truth about homesteading in Canada.

This country has a great future before it most certainly, but only those who are healthy and strong, both mentally and physically, ought to be allowed to come out and help people it.

The wild free life of the North-West, untrammelled by social fads, has its attractions, but to be able to really enjoy it, or I should be better within the truth if I write, to endure it, one must have plenty of grit, and some education leading up to it, otherwise dire discouragement and failure. may be the result.



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