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Introduction to Electric Scotland's History Section

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As we now have many thousands of pages of information on our site I felt an overview would be useful before you embark on your investigations :-)

Essentially a large amount of material came from on old encyclopaedia of the General History of the Highlands published around 1870.  To this over time we have added many antiquarian books which we have sourced and have also received many articles from visitors to the site.  Over the years we've had to re-arrange things and add sub menus to make the site more accessible. All of this means you need to dig deep to find everything we have but hopefully our menu system will help in this.

Information added to the site is not verified by us simply because Electric Scotland is run by a single person, myself, and so I simply do not have the time to verify everything we are sent.  I do try to ensure that all articles sent in to us have the senders email address so if you have any queries you will be able to contact them direct.  When we add a book we don't try to second guess the author and simply put up the book as is, spelling and all. We also ask everyone if they have permission to send us material as we try our best to ensure we don't breach anyone's copyright.

You will find a huge amount of historical information on the site and if you can't immediately find it through the menu system then do use our site search engine which you'll find at the foot of every page on the site.

Click on the "Books and Articles about Scotland" link and you'll be taken to a list of books that are available to read online all of which provide amazing information. We're adding books all the time and for example right now in June 2002 we are busy adding "Rambles Round Glasgow", "Edinburgh and the Lothians", "Domestic Annals of Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution", "The Northern Highlands in the Nineteenth Century". We have other books ready to go up once these are on the site. One such book is "Tales of the Borders and Scotland" which is a 3 volume publication with over 500 stories. We only recently completed "The Scots in North British America" which was a 3 volume set. So perhaps this will give you an idea of the depth of information we provide and why it is well worth exploring the site.

We try here to give you a broad sweep of history and post up interesting and readable accounts. We feel our target market is not the committed historian but rather ordinary folks that are just interested in learning more about the history of Scotland, Scots and people of Scots descent. That said, as we do have a lot of history on the site now we are becoming an excellent research resource for those doing more serious research.

As a final note.  History is always being discovered so the information we post up here might eventually be found to be incorrect and modern investigations might reveal new material. We don't claim any particular accuracy but simply serve up material as we get it.  Hopefully of course the vast majority of material will be accurate but it is as well to know that things can change.

Good hunting!

Alastair McIntyre



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