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Land King
The Story of David Jack
Source Material

Strathearn Herald - 1985

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Register of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, George Inn Lane, PERTH.

‘Monterey’s Hated Benefactor’ - Brian McGinty (Westways) January 1967.

‘Scoundrel or Benefactor of Monterey’, - Michael A. LOOMIS (Californian Historian)

Letter from Linda LARSON – guide at Monterey Department of Parks and Recreation

Commissariat of Dunblane 1539 –1800

‘Across the Plains’ by Robert Louis STEVENSON (Chatto and Windus, LONDON, 12th Edition (1905)

‘Amazing success Story of the Jack Family’ – Grace R Larsen, Dean Emeriti, Holy names College (Courtesy of Colton Hall, Museum of the City of Monterey, California.)

‘Noticias del Puerto de Monterey’ – Publication of Monterey History and Art Association, (Courtesy of Colton Hall, Museum of the City of Monterey, California)

Stanford University, California – Special Collections, Cecil H. Green Library (David JACK Collection)

Extracts from the JV THOMPSON JOURNALS – Courtesy of Cheralyn WILSON of the ‘Jack Family Newsletter’

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