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Kirkintilloch Town and Parish
The Aqueduct

Deserves a few words, as many strangers visit it.

When the Forth and Clyde canal was made, it was carried over the river Luggie on a handsome aqueduct of solid masonry with a wide arch spanning the river. This was found to be exceedingly fortunate for the making of the Campsie Branch Railway as there was ample room for it. The river had only to be slightly diverted for the purpose, but the result leaves a sight rather uncommon, viz., a river, a railway, and a canal, all superimposed the one on the other.

Occasionally may be observed the river silently flowing underneath, while a train is thundering over the railway above it, and at the same moment the tall masts of a ship are seen, crossing the railway above the whole.....

The Aqueduct.

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