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Kirkintilloch Town and Parish

THE present parishes of Kirkintilloch and Cumbernauld form a detached portion of the county of Dumbarton, lying about six miles to the east of the main body of that county, with parts of Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire intervening.

In ancient times they appear to have formed, mainly or wholly, three properties or estates, viz.: the baronies of Cumbernauld, Lenzie, and Kirkintilloch. The history of these baronies is so interwoven with the fortunes of two great families—first, of the Comyns, and latterly of the Flemings, who became Earls of Wigton—that we shall, at the risk of being tedious, give a brief account of events as they arise, which bear upon their history, and through them upon Kirkintilloch. But the collateral incidents which appear are so alluring, that, while going as straight to our object as possible, we may occasionally be tempted to diverge from the path; but this, while lengthening the journey, will also, we feel assured, render it more attractive.

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