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Members of Knights Templar at Toronto 1st October 2005
Pictures are the copyright of and used by permission of Priory of St. James' Toronto

5th row: Kim Hunter; Capt. (N) Chris Korwin-Kuczynski; Harold Nelson
4th row: Maj. The Rev. Eric Reynolds; Michael Skutezky; George Goldsmith; LCdr Alan Williams
3rd row: Alastair McIntyre; Anne Matthewman; Barbara Walsh; W/Cdr Benjamin Lee; Robert MacMullen
2nd row: Peter Russell; John Walsh; Cdr. The Ven. Ron Matthewman; Dai Gaasenbeek; Michael Willson; Julia MacDonald; Frank Chen
1st row (l-r): Capt. Robin Tyler; Matthew Gaasenbeek, III; Joan Peters; Jo Perrin; Col. Maurice Janeczko; Capt. George McNeillie; Christina Zawierucha-Zack; RADM James Carey; Jack McConnell; Nola Crewe; Kelly Webb; Dr. Everton Morris

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