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Leaves from the Journal
The Kirk 14 Oct. 1835

October 14, 1855.

To Kirk at twelve o’clock. The Rev. J. Caird, one of the most celebrated preachers in Scotland, performed the service, and electrified all present by a most admirable and beautiful sermon, which lasted nearly an hour, but which kept one’s attention riveted. The text was from the twelfth chapter of Romans, and the eleventh verse: "Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord!" He explained, in the most beautiful and simple manner, what real religion is; how it ought to pervade every action of our lives; not a thing only for Sundays, or for our closet; not a thing to drive us from the world; not “a perpetual moping over good books,” but “being and doing good;” “letting everything be done, in a Christian spirit.” It was as fine as Mr. McLeod’s sermon last year, and sent us home much edified.

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