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More Leaves from the Journal
Visit to the Old Cairn on the Prince’s Birthday 26 Aug 1862

Balmoral, August 25, 1862

I went out at twelve with the two girls on ponies (I in the little carriage), Bertie on foot. We went to see the obelisk building to His dear memory: Bertie left us there, and we went on round by the village, up Craig-Gowan, in the little carriage, over the heather till we reached near to the old cairn of 1852. Grant said: “I thought you would like to be here to-day, on His birthday!”—so entirely was he of opinion that this beloved day, and even the 14th of December, must not be looked upon as a day of mourning. “That’s not the light to look at it.” There is so much true and strong faith in these good, simple people.

Walked down by the Fog* House, all pink with heather, the day beautifully fine and bright.

* Scotch for “Moss.”

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