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Reminiscences of the Lews
By Sixty One (1871)

Chapter I - Introductory
Chapter II - Prospecting the Lews and the Callernish Inn
Chapter III - Aline
Chapter IV - The Harris Lochs and a word about Dog rearing
Chapter V - Our Fred and his Head Nurse
Chapter VI - Our Firm and the Whales
Chapter VII - Soval Shooting and Old Tom's Pedigree
Chapter VIII - Soval Shooting and Artificial Spates
Chapter IX - Loch Trialaval and the Young Geese
Chapter X - Dick Burnaby and Grouse the First
Chapter XI - Dear Old Shippy
Chapter XII - Setters and Wet Crawls
Chapter XIII - A Tame Stag
Chapter XIV - The Woodcock and his ways, and Shooting him in the open
Chapter XV - Woodcocks again
Chapter XVI - Lews Climate and Midges
Chapter XVII - Stornoway
Chapter XVIII - Superstitions
Chapter XIX - M'Auley's Stories
Chapter XX - My First Wild Boar
Chapter XXI - The Late Duke of St. Simon
Chapter XXII - Conclusion

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