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Hector MacKinnon, A Memoir
By his wife (Martha Johnston [Adamson] MacKinnon) (1914)

Hector MacKinnon Preface

THIS Memoir of Mr. Mackinnon has been written for those who loved him, at the earnest request of very many of them. It cannot claim to be an exhaustive record. All I have tried to do has been to tell simply, and in brief outline, the story of a beautiful life, as showing what God can do with a heart and will fully yielded to Him.

It has likewise been a solace; and I confidently anticipate that readers will overlook the lack of literary ability in the book.

To the ministers, and all other friends in Scotland, who have helped me in any way, I would here express my very grateful thanks. To my husband's friend, Mr. J. Kennedy Maclean, of London, I am also deeply indebted for much encouragement and sympathetic interest in the work.

Many laurels have been laid on Mr. Mackinnon's grave; this last—"greener from the brows of him who uttered nothing base"—is intertwined in all its pages with the prayer that God will use it for His own glory, and make it one of the many "channels of blessing," flowing from the life whose story it tells.

M. J. M.



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