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Forest, Lake and Prairie
Chapter XIII
Canoe trip to Oxford - Serious accident.

IN the autumn of 1861, father and Mr. Sinclair and William made a canoe trip to Oxford House. On the return journey they had an accident in the upsetting of their canoe in a rapid. It was in the early morning, and father had his heavy coat on, and was otherwise handicapped for such a time. But faithful William swam to the overturned canoe, and then pushed it end on to father, and at the same saying, "Keep up, master. I am coming!" and when near with the canoe, "Now, master, take hold. Hold hard, master!" and these two thus passed through the rapid, and swinging into an eddy at its foot were saved. Mr. Sinclair swam ashore at once, being in light working costume.

They lost most of their outfit, including my gun which father had taken along.

That same fall, William was bitten on the point of the finger by a jack-fish he was taking out of the net. He caught cold in the wound and inflammation set in, and though father and mother did all they could to help him, mortification followed and he died.

Night and day father was with the poor fellow, and we all mourned for him, for his was a noble heart and he was one of God's heroes.

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