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Forest, Lake and Prairie
Chapter XVI
Mother and baby's upset - My humiliation.

IN the meantime there came to our house a baby brother. We named him George. M sisters were delighted with this new playfellow. When he was about two or three months old, I undertook to take mother and baby over to the fort for a ride and short visit. Father helped us to start, holding my leader until all was ready. The trail went down a considerable bill, and then turned sharply for a straight line to the portage between us and the fort. Away we went, but in turning the curve I lost my balance, and over went the cariole, and out spilled mother and the babe into the snow. ily heart was in my mouth. What if either or both should be hurt! What if father should have seen the accident! In a very short time I had the cariole turned right side up, and mother and baby seated and tucked in, and off we went, no one hurt, and father had not seen the upset. But a lot of my conceit as a skilful driver was gone, and I learned a lesson for the future; but, oh! those dogs were quick and speedy, and anyone driving them had to look sharp.

All of this fishing and dog-driving and travelling was just so much practice and experience for the years to come in farther and far more difficult fields. I did not know this at the time, but so it has turned out.

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