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The Writings of John Muir
Volume 4
Mountains of California - Part I


The Mountains of California, John Muir's first book, was published in New York in 1894, by The Century Company. It is included in this complete edition of his works by their permission, and to it are added nine chapters of his later book The Yosemite, also by arrangement with The Century Company. Six of the fifteen chapters of The Yosemite, being repeated virtually word for word from the earlier book or from Our National Parks, are omitted. The careful reader of these volumes will still find here and there a sentence or even a paragraph duplicated, but he will perceive that this duplication could not have been avoided without mutilating the author's text. The duplication in the books as originally published was natural and; indeed, practically unavoidable, the three volumes having been written to serve different purposes and each needing to be complete in itself.


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