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The Scottish Nation

ARGYLE, duke of, a title belonging to the ancient family of Campbell of Lochawe. (See CAMPBELL, surname of.) The name of Argyle is derived from two Gaelic words, Earra Ghaidheal, "the country of the western Gael ;" or, according to Skene, from Oirirgael as the ancient district of Argyle (which comprehended also Lochaber and Wester Ross) was called by the Highlanders. By the historians the whole of this extensive district is included under the term of Ergadia. (History of the Highlanders, vol ii. p. 33.) In the middle ages the Macó dougalls of Lorn held sway over Argyle and Mull; while the Macdonalds, lords of the Isles, were supreme in Islay, Kinó tyre, and the Southern Islands. The power of the Macdonalds was broken by Robert the Bruce, and their estates bestowed on the Campbells, who originally belonged to the ancient earldom of Garmoran, which comprehended Moydert, Arasaig, Morar, and Knoydert. Argyle was erected into an earldom in 1457, and into a dukedom in 1701.

ARGYLE, earl, marquis, and duke of, see CAMPBELL, Archibald, and John.

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