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The Scottish Nation

BUIST, a surname derived from the old Scottish word buist or boist, a small wooden box or chest, from boceta, old Norman, a little box of wood. Thus, in the accounts of the lord-high-treasurer of Scotland, under date October 11, 1540, (reign of James the Fifth) mention is made of “ane Boist to keip Hoistis in” that is, a box to keep the host or Eucharist; also in the indictment against Effy or Euphemia Mackalzane for witchcraft, &c., June 9, 1591, one of the numerous charges against her was that she had sent with her servant Janet Drummond, “ane pictoure of walx (wax) in ane buist” (box) to the celebrated witch Anny Simpson, to be enchanted by the devil. (see Pitcairn’s Criminal Trials, vol. i. part i. page 306, and vol. i. part ii. page 253.]

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