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The Scottish Nation

BUTTER, the surname of an old family who possess the lands of Fascally in Perthshire. The Butters of Gormok were an older family of the same county. On August 4, 1554, John Butter of Gormok was denounced rebel and put to the horn for not underlying the law for art and part of the slaughter of George Drummond of Leidcreif, and his son William, having been involved in the same feud with the Blairs of Balthyock and Ardblair, which led to this fatal result. [See BLAIR, ante.] His offers of satisfaction seem to have been rejected. [See Pitcairn’s Criminal Trials, vol. i. part i. page 371.] On 24th November 1598, Patrick Butter, fiar of Gormok, and thirty other persons, were indicted and put to the horn for besieging the place of Assintullie, and taking prisoner Andrew Spalding of Assintullie. In 1660, James Butter, sheriff-clerk of Perthshire, bequeathed two fifth parts of the lands of Scones Lethendy to maintain four poor persons of the burgh of Perth.

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