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The Scottish Nation

CALDWELL, a surname derived from lands in Renfrewshire, possessed by an ancient family of that name for some centuries. Early in the 14th century Easter Caldwell was obtained in marriage with a daughter of the family of Caldwell, by Gilchrist Mure. (See MURE.) In 1753, Wester Caldwell was purchased by Baron Mure of Caldwell.

      John Caldwell, born at Prestwick, Ayrshire, died 1539, became a merchant in Enniskillen. His son was created a baronet of Ireland 23d June 1683. The great-grandson of the latter, Sir James Caldwell, was created a count of Milan in the Holy Roman empire in 1749, and the latter title remains in the family. The second baronet was a distinguished officer in the Austrian service, and the fifth was treasurer-general of Lower Canada.

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