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The Scottish Nation

CRAW, (the same as Crow,) the surname of an old family in the Merse, styled of Auchincraw, which became extinct about the beginning of the eighteenth century. The branches of that family in Berwickshire, such as the Craws of East Reston, Nether Byer, and Heighhead, had for a crest a crow proper. On September 26, 1528, George Craw of Reston, and three others were americated for not appearing to underlie the law, for their riding with their friends, tenants, and servants, and assisting Archibald, formerly earl of Angus, and his accomplices, in raising the siege of the castle of Newark, contrary to the king’s proclamation, &c. [Pitcairn’s Criminal Trials, vol. i. p. 139.] In 1431, one Paul Craw, a Bohemian, was burnt at St. Andrews, for teaching the doctrine of John Huss and Wicliff, one of the earliest martyrs for the reformed faith in Scotland

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