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The Scottish Nation

FERRIER, a surname evidently derived from farrier, a professor of the veterinary art. In the reign of Alexander the Second a family of this name lived in Tranent in Haddingtonshire, whose seal of arms was appended to an alienation of some lands in that locality to the family of Seton, on which was a shield charged with three horse shoes. The Ferriers were a considerable family in England, (Nisbet’s Heraldry, vol. i. p. 439,) and there were several distinguished persons of the name in France. The surname is originally Norman, and is one of the many derived from the working in iron, which is not confined to any country. Among the Norman Knights who came into England with William the Conqueror, was one named Henry Ferrieres, from Ferriers or Ferrieres, a small town of Gastinois in France. He bore for his arms six horse shoes, and his descendants of the same surname possess the estate of Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshirel

      The English surnames of Ferrars, Ferrers, Ferris, Ferrey, Fearon, Farren, and Farrant have the same derivation.

      The word Ferrier may also have been used for a ferryman, and thus become a surname.

      Of the eminent Scottish novelist, Miss Susan Edmonstone Ferrier, authoress of ‘Marriage,’ a memoir will be found in the supplement to this work.

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