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The Scottish Nation

MAN, JAMES, an antagonist of Ruddiman, was born at Whitewreath, in Elginshire, about 1700. He studied at King~ez_rsquo~s College, Aberdeen, where he obtained the degree of M.A. in 1721. soon after leaving college he became schoolmaster of the parish of Tough in Aberdeenshire, but though licensed to preach, it never was his fortune to obtain a church. In 1742 he was appointed Master of the Poor~ez_rsquo~s Hospital in Aberdeen. In 1751 he published at Aberdeen an octavo work, entitled ~ez_lsquo~A Censure and Examination of Mr. Thomas Ruddiman~ez_rsquo~s Philological Notes on the Works of the Great Buchanan, more particularly on the History of Scotland; in which also most of the Chronological and Geographical, and many of the Historical and Political Notes are taken into consideration. In a Letter to a Friend. Necessary for restoring the true readings, the graces, and beauties, and for understanding the true meaning of a vast number of passages of Buchanan~ez_rsquo~s writings, which have been so foully corrupted, so miserably defaced, so grossly perverted and misunderstood. Containing many curious particulars of his life, and a Vindication of his Character from many gross calumnies.~ez_rsquo~ This work was answered by Ruddiman the following year, in a publication entitled ~ez_lsquo~Anticrisis, or a Discussion of the Scurrilous and Malicious Libel, published by one James Man of Aberdeen.~ez_rsquo~ Among other literary projects, Mr. Man made collections for an edition of Dr. Arthur Johnston~ez_rsquo~s Poems, and contemplated a ~ez_lsquo~History of the Church of Scotland,~ez_rsquo~ which he was prevented from accomplishing by his death in October 1761. He had some time previous sent his edition of Buchanan~ez_rsquo~s History to the press, the last sheets of which were corrected by Professor Gerard, and it was published in 1762. By frugality he had saved about 155, of which he bequeathed 60 to his relations, and settled the remainder on the Poor~ez_rsquo~s Hospital for apprentice fees to the boys educated in that useful institution.

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