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The Journal of George Hepburn
Part II - Epilogue - Chapter IX

[C. Stuart Ross, Life and Times of D. M. Stuart, D.D., pp. 142-3.]

"Mr. Hepburn, the last of my first elders, died on Sabbath morning, the 9th, after an illness stretching over three months. He died as he had lived, trusting in the mercy of God in Christ. For nigh 24 years he was my cheerful helper and adviser. He was a Sabbath School teacher for 61 years, and was as enthusiastic to the last as he was in his hot youth. I feel now that the old advisers have gone, as if I should prepare my house to follow. I have worthy office-bearers, but the old wine was of the best quality. The Lord be praised for the service they rendered to the Gospel. Death has of late been mowing down several of our good men. Still, Godís cause does not depend on individuals. The divine rule is the next man foremost, and there is an Isaac to succeed Abraham, a Solomon to succeed David, and a Philip to succeed Stephen.

". . . His considerate service to the wife of my youth always rose up in my mind, and gave softness to my voice and tenderness to my hand as I tried by prayer and sympathy to help him in his dying hour."

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