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Oliver Brown
British steel

A family photo of Oliver Brown Two significant statements made by the Glasgow Herald on May 20, 1972, should he noted by all nationalists.

The British Steel Corporation "now see that Hunterston can be of great economic benefit to the steel industry in the south".

"That the BSC suddenly want a mineral terminal at Hunterston more with the idea of lightening ships for the ore ports in the south than anything else is seen by their having removed the design work from Motherwell to Cardiff"’.

The implications of the second statement are sufficient to prove the economic case for self-government and to make any supporting argument superfluous.




"The recently nationalised steel industry has often seemed remote from its industrial customers and from the areas in which it produces its output. Centralisation and London orientation have both contributed to this sorry state of affairs." So say’s the Glasgow Herald on Wednesday, August 1,1973.

It is the peculiarity of this paper that it advances arguments which government and the evils of Westminster prove the necessity of self-control. Then it rejects the inevitable conclusion.