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Oliver Brown
The Media

Having quizzed its readers the Herald discovered that no less than one-third thought that the paper was in favour of self-government. That confirms my suspicion that its readers turn to the "Letters to the Editor" and ignore the editorials.

One very intelligent man said to me recently "When I have read the letters I throw the thing away."

(January '73)

The British Broadcasting Corporation or the Anglo-Saxophone.

For days now the English West Indies cricket match has been the main feature of radio and television. Even the certainty of Englandís defeat is no consolation. "Englandís only hope lies in the prospect of rain" is the latest verdict... - My only hope coincides with Englandís.

At the entrance of the BBC in Glasgow there is a bust of C. M. Grieve. I once said that someday on the same basis there would he a bust of Karl Marx on the altar of St Peterís in Rome. Since then there has been a CatholicóMarxist coalition in South America. Why not? Both Karl and Jesus were messianic Jews (with no offence intended to Marxists or Christians!)

The disappearance of the "Scottish" Daily Mail reminds me of the oldest maiI in the village. When asked by the local reporter ó "What is your chief thought on your 100th birthday?"

"I have not an enemy in the world!"
"What a beautiful thing to say!"
"Yes, I have attended the funerals of the whole bloody lot of them!"