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Prelude to the Orpheus
By Hugh S. Roberton

Over 40 years ago, the “Glasgow Orpheus Choir” was founded. To-day, in 1946, the names "Glasgow" and Orpheus" are almost synonymous. There have been many imitators and aspirants in that time, and in every part of the English-speaking world. Some of those bodies were actually organised on the basis of the “Glasgow Orpheus" constitution; some of them actually bore the name "Orpheus.” But things did not always go according to plan, largely because the 'start' was wrong. They forgot that the “Glasgow Orpheus” started at the bottom of the ladder,  and had to climb its way up.

Here in this little book is the story, not the story of the “Orpheus”, but the story of how it started. lt is a very human story in which the characters are, without exception, plain men and women.  This is not to say it is a drab story. On the contrary, it is a romantic story, and also a dramatic one.

Each chapter is a pdf file.



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