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Philip Beall

PHILIP BEALL was born in Prince George County, Maryland in 1744, an heir of an ancient Scottish family.  His bloodline could be traced back to the powerful  MacGregor and Campbell Clans of Scotland.  As a young man he came to the King's Creek Valley (present Weirton) and took up a tomahawk claim of six hundred acres.  This being the early 1770's, and Indians being numerous, Philip along with neighboring settlers endeavored to construct a fort for the safety of their families.  To legalize his tomahawk claim, Philip spent his time clearing his land and tending his crops.  He and his wife raised nine children to adulthood in a hard and often dangerous time.  Philip Beall was reportedly a very large and strong man having inherited this trait from his predecessors, he took to pioneer life and became a successful farmer.  Two of Philip's daughters married two of James Campbell's (another early settler of King's Creek) sons, Margaret marrying Robert Campbell, and Jane marrying Alexander Campbell.  Philip and his wife having lived into the early 1800's, were laid to rest in Three Springs Cemetery at Hollidays Cove (now part of Weirton), their descendants still inhabit the area.

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