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Significant Scots
John Panther

PANTHER, DAVID, (whose name is diversely spelled Panter and Paniter,) a learned diplomatic character of the sixteenth century, was descended from an ancient family near Montrose. He successively held the ecclesiastical offices of vicar of Carstairs, prior of St Mary’s Isle, commendator of Cambuskenneth, and bishop of Ross, and in the latter part of the reign of James V., and for some years later, was principal secretary of state. In this latter character, he wrote many official letters to foreign courts, which have been highly praised for the extraordinary elegance of their Latinity. In 1722, Ruddiman published two well-known volumes, entitled "Epistolae Jacobi Quarti, Quinti, et Mariae Reginae Scotorum, eorumque Tutorum et Regni Gubernatorum, ad Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Civitates et Alios, ab Anno 1505 ad Annum 1545;" of which the whole of the second is the composition of David Panther, while the first contains letters written in a similar official character, by Patrick Panther, his near relation.

Panther subsequently acted for seven years as ambassador of Scotland at the French court. After a life distinguished by high services, but, it appears, by no great purity of morals, he died at Stirling, October 1, 1558.

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