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Significant Scots
Robert Sutherland

Robert Sutherland 1832 - 1878.  Born in Jamaica, probably first educated in Scotland and then in Kingston (picked up a pile of awards in his last year in high school, clearly having had a good education before he arrived in Ontario) and attended Queen's University as an undergraduate, studied law at Osgoode and then practiced in Berlin (later Kitchener) and Owen Sound.  He left his estate to Queen's University ($12,000) which saved it from bankruptcy and being absorbed into U of T.  His practice was terribly unrewarding but he had a private income which enabled him to leave such a large estate (the entire annual budget at the time was under $12,000).  He was their largest single donor in the 19th century.  His father was a Scot and his mother a black slave.  He had good political and power connections among the Scots.

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