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Summer at the Lake of Monteith
By P. Dun, Station Master, Port of Monteith (1866)


These pages—containing some notes of a locality unsurpassed in placid loveliness, and surrounded by much of the sublime, but which has hitherto attracted little notice of the great travelling world—are now, for the first time, presented to the public in a collected form.

When the idea first occurred to the Author, of bringing the “Lake of Monteith,” and the old traditions that still linger around its shores, prominently before the public, he was actuated by the desire of lending his humble aid to raise in the estimation of those who, flying from the din and bustle of commerce, seek for health and pleasure amid the glories of Nature, a locality which, although seldom traversed by the tourists who flock from all quarters of the world, to behold, with their own eyes, the land of “the mountain and the flood,” is, in his estimation, unrivalled in its varied charms, and to which he feels proud to be united by the strong tie of nativity. In attempting this, however, he acknowledges his inability to do justice to a subject with which only the genius of a Scott or of a Burns could competently engage.

The Author craves, therefore, the kind indulgence of the courteous reader in his perusal of these pages; and, should he consider they lack that interest, he is requested to visit the district which they attempt to describe, and he will find attraction without limit, of the most interesting and imposing character.

1st June, 1866.


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