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Police, Fire and the Law

It was pointed out to me that we really didn't have anything on the Police, Fire or Legal system in Scotland.  I guess that is in part because the books I had previously looked at doing contained not only considerable quotes in the old Scots language but also considerable legal terms and all in all making it a difficult ocr'ing project.  Thanks to work done to scan in old books several of these books are now available in the Internet archive and so I have availed myself of this resource to make available a few books on these subjects.

The History of the High Constables of Edinburgh
By James D Marwick (1865)

Treatise of the Offices of Justice of the Peace; Constable; Commissioner of Supply and Commissioner under Comprehending Acts in Scotland in 2 volumes.
By Gilbert Hutcheson (1809)

A History of the Scotch Poor Law
By Sir George Nicholls, K .C. B. (1856)

Museum of Fire
Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

The History of Edinburgh Fire Brigade
The Oldest Municipal Brigade in Britain

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