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Autumnal Rambles Among The Scottish Mountains



My Dear Sir,

As one of my oldest, steadiest, and most valued friends, I beg leave to inscribe to you this little volume.

Identity of tastes, in so far as recreation is concerned, has prompted me to take this liberty; as, had we been otherwise placed in similar circumstances, I am convinced I should in you have found a formidable rival among the cairns and corries of the Grampians, and the thunder-split peaks of Arran and Skye.

Your ambition, however, has instigated you to soar still higher, and has now placed you on the pinnacle of professional and scientific eminence.

That you may long be spared as one of. the brightest ornaments of that University in which your excellent father also laboured whose memory as a man and a scholar I shall never cease to revere is the ardent wish of,

My Dear Sir,

Yours faithfully and affectionately,


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