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Fowler's Paisley and Johnstone Commercial Directory 1845 - 1846
Containing Comprehensive and Accurate Directories of Paisley, Elderslie, Johnstone, Quarrelton and Linwood.


G. FOWLER, in presenting to the public the Eleventh Edition of the Directory, returns his sincere thanks to those -who have supported this Work hitherto.

As the chief value of a work of this kind consists in accuracy of detail, and distinctness of arrangement, the present Publisher has in this, as in all his former Editions of the Directory, spared neither labour nor expense in securing these ; and as the compilation of a work of this kind is attended with a very great degree of labour, and not a little expense, which can only be compensated by an extensive sale of the Work, he trusts he will meet with a suitable degree of encouragement from a discerning public.

The Lists and Tables inserted in the appendixes will be found of the most useful description, and suitable not only to the Merchant and Trader, but to the Public generally—a Directory being not only a useful, but a highly necessary repository for enabling a commercial people to become acquainted with each other.

The Publisher could not help observing, in the course of his survey for this Edition of the Directory, that many of the numbers of the houses, &c., are either partially or wholly obliterated, and that many of the old numbers, which ought to have been obliterated when the houses were numbered on the present plan, are still visible —a circumstance that is apt to mislead or create confusion. He would, therefore, take the liberty of calling the attention of the Police Commissioners, and of Proprietors, Shopkeepers, &c., to these defects, with a recommendation to have them speedily rectified, that being essential to the convenience of strangers, and no less so to the safe and prompt delivery of letters and packages, in which every class of the inhabitants, but especially the Mercantile and Manufacturing classes, are interested; and is, in fact, an incumbent duty on the Police to see carried into effect.

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