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My Man Sandy
By J. B. Salmond (1919)


These sketches are taken from a series written originally for newspaper purposes. Revision of them has made their author keenly conscious of their defects; but Bawbie and Sandy are characters who might be completely spoiled by improvement. The sketches are therefore presented as they were hastily "rubbed-in" for serial publication.

The "foo," "far," "fat," and "fan" of the Angus dialect have been changed into the more classic "hoo," "whaur," and otherwise the sketches remain in the form in which they have gained quite an unexpected popularity amongst Scottish readers both at home and abroad.

April, 1889.
Sixth Edition


Chapter I. Sandy Swaps his Powney
Chapter II. Sandy starts to study geometry
Chapter III. Sandy and the dinner bell
Chapter IV. A talk about Heaven
Chapter V. Mistress Mikiver's Tea Party
Chapter VI. Sandy's second lesson in geometry
Chapter VII. Sandy's magic lantern exhibition
Chapter VIII. Sandy and the Rhubarb tart
Chapter IX. The great storm of November 1893
Chapter X. Sandy and his Dairntickles
Chapter XI. Sandy stands "Empire" at a cricket match
Chapter XII. A dreadful disaster in the Garret
Chapter XIII. Sandy and Bawbie's spring holiday
Chapter XIV. Love and War
Chapter XV. Sandy makes a speech
Chapter XVI. Sandy's Christmas present
Chapter XVII. At the select choir's concert
Chapter XVIII. Sandy runs a race
Chapter XIX. Sandy revenged
Chapter XX. Sandy's Apologia

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