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The Scotch-Irish in America
Officers and Committees of the Local Organization

Officers of the Local Organization of the Scotch-Irish Congress.

Colonel E. C. McDowell.

Hon. J. H. Fussell.

A. C. Floyd.

Lucius Frierson.

Executive Committee.
Hon. W. J. Whitthorne, Chairman,
Hon. J. H. Fussell,
T, B. Kelly,
E. E. Erwin,
A. C. Floyd.

Advisory Board.
Colonel T. T. Wright, Chairman.
Chairmen of Other Committees.

Finance Committee.
Geo. L. Thomas, Chairman.
Jas. Andrews,
S. D. F. McEwen,
A. Barr,
John Moore, Jr.,
Colonel H. A. Brown,
B. S. Thomas.

Military Committee.
Hon. J. H. Fussell, Chairman.
Colonel H. G. Evans,
Captain H. P. Seavy.

Transportation Committee.
Colonel H. G. Evans, Chairman.
Dr. T. B. Rains,
Captain H. P. Seavy.

Committee on Music.
Captain J. T. Craik, Chairman.
Dr. W. C. Sheppard,
Captain H, P. Seavy.

Reception Committee.
Captain H. P. Seavy, Chairman.
W, J. Hine,
John C. Dexter.

Entertainment Committee.
Mayor Robert Pillow, Chairman.
S. D. F. McEwen,
W. C. Taylor.

Decoration Committee.
Miss Coby Dunnington.
Mrs. J. H. Fussell, Mrs. W. J. Hine,
Mrs. Joe Hendley,
Mrs. E. W. Gamble.

Badges and Mail.
Miss Florence Irvine.

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