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Proceedings of the Fourth Congress at Atlanta, GA., April 28 to May 1, 1892
With a Sprig of White Heather. A poem by Wallace Bruce

[Poem by Wallace Bruce, sent from Edinburgh to Col. T. T. Wright.]

A sprig of bonnie white heather
I send, dear Atlanta, to thee,
Where the Scotch-Irish Congress foregather
With joy in the land of the free.

From the heart of old Scotia's mountains
It speaks of your fathers and mine;
A health to Georgia's bright fountains,
Where shamrock and heather entwine.

The spray that I send as a token
May wither and fade by the way;
Love's white-winged whisper, once spoken,
Abides and endureth for aye.

As the pollen dust out floats the petal
Of roses sent over the sea,
So here is to the old Gaelic metal
Surviving, my country, in thee.

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