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The Scotch-Irish in America
Contributors to the Scotch-Irish Congress Expense Fund

Geo. L. Thomas,
John Moore, Jr.,
A. N. Dale,
James Andrews,
E. W. Gamble,
Bailey & Moore,
A. N. Akin,
Frierson & Titcomb,
Holding & Cochran,
Mrs. E. Jones,
Rev. Geo. Beckett,
E. E. Erwin,
W. P. Ingram,
Major Will. Polk,
T. N, C. T., and W. C. Jones,
S. T. Cook,
Dr. J. H. Wilkes,
Nichols & Fariss,
A. D. Frierson,
W. J. Howard,
W. F. Embry,
Street, Embry & Co.,
C. C. Gross,
Lamb & Smith,.
J. D. Wright,
J. T. Craik,
E. H. Hatcher,
H. A. McLemore & Bro.,
Henry Gross,
A. Maxville,
H. A. Brown,
Lucius Frierson,
Mayes & Walker,
R. P. Russell,
McEwen & Dale,
A. Barr,
Bethell House,
Dobbins & Ewing,
Caperton & Taylor,
F. J. Hendley,
Figures & Padgett,
Geo. N. Sarven,
W. J. Webster,
John B. Ashton,
Geo. Childress,
H. G. Evans,
Joseph Towler,
Chaffin Bros.,
Rains & Son,
Dr. Robert Pillow,
J. P. McGaw, Jr.,
James Bros.,
Edgar James,
Satterfield & Church,
W. C. Sheppard,
Mrs. Ellen Mayes,
G. T. Hughes,
Andrews & McGregor,
G. P. Frierson,
I. M. Sulivan,
A. G. Adams, of Nashville

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