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The Scotch-Irish in America
Officers of the Scotch-Irish Society of America

President. Robert Bonner, New York.

First Vice-President at Large. Joseph F. Johnston, Birmingham, Ala.

Second Vice-President at Large. E. C. McDowell, Nashville, Tenn.

Vice-President at Large for British America. Mr. Thomas Kerr, Toronto, Canada.

Secretary. A. C. Floyd, Columbia, Tenn.

Treasurer. Lucius Frierson, Columbia, Tenn.

Historian and Registrar. Thomas M. Green, Maysville; Ky.

Vice-Presidents of States and Territories.
Rev. Dr. John Hall, New York.
Colonel A. K. McClure, Pennsylvania Philadelphia.
Hon. Wm. O. McDowell, New Jersey Newark.
Mr. Matthew Addy, Ohio Cincinnati.
Judge John M. Scott, Illinois Bloomington.
Hon. Wm. Wirt Henry, Virginia Richmond.
Hon. S. B. Alexander, North Carolina Charlotte.
Colonel T. T. Wright, Florida Pensacola.
Hon. Wm. Preston Johnston, Louisiana New Orleans.
Mr. A. G. Adams, Tennessee Nashville.
Dr. Hervey C. McDowell, Kentucky.
* Hon. A. T. Wood, Ontario, Canada Hamilton.
Rev. J. C. Quinn, Montana Helena.

* A Vice-President for each of the remaining states and territories of the Union, and each province of Canada, will be appointed by the President as fast as selections can be made.


Robert Bonner, Chairman, New York.
A. C. Floyd, Secretary, Columbia, Tenn.
Lucius Frierson, Columbia, Tenn.
Hon. J. F. Johnston, Birmingham, Ala.
Colonel T. T. Wright, Nashville, Tenn.
Rev. Dr. John S. Macintosh, Philadelphia.
Prof. Geo. McCloskie, Princeton College, New Jersey.
Dr. Robert Pillow, Columbia, Tenn.
Colonel H. G. Evans, Columbia, Tenn.

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