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The Fight for an Independent Scotland since 1800

  • The 1820 Rising
    This is the book by James Halliday about the 1820 Rising which was the ordinary mans attempt to obtain an Independent Scotland.
  • The life & times of Dr Robert D McIntyre
    Robert McIntyre who in the Fifties was a strong leader at a time of division and strife and who by producing stability, laid the ground for the sudden expansion of the SNP that was to come.
  • Scotland the Separate
    The historical basis and characteristics of Nationalist aspirations in Scotland.
  • A Stop on the Road to Freedom
    The history of the Young Nationalist Association 1936 - 1946
  • The Wisdom of Oliver Brown
    To introduce him is a task which should properly be redundant, for the man and his work and its influence should be as well known throughout Scotland as are his overlapping contemporaries, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Neil Gunn and Hugh MacDiarmid.