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On Emigration and the State of the Highlands
Appendix P.

Innumerable authorities might be quoted for this fact, the following may be sufficient:

No two occupations can be more incompatible than farming and fishing; as the seasons which require undivided exertion in fishing, are precisely those in which the greatest attention should be devoted to agriculture. Grazing, which is less incompatible with fishing than agriculture, is even found to distract the attention and prevent success in either occupation. This is demonstrated by the very different success of those who unite both occupations, from those who devote themselves exclusively to fishing. Indeed, the industrious fisher finds the whole season barely sufficient for the labours of his proper occupation. From the middle of spring the fishing season continues frequently till after Christmas, and the intervening space is barely sufficient for refitting his nets, lines, and fishing tackle. But the population of the coasts of the.Highlands is sufficient to admit of the professions being separated, which only injure each other when conjoined.

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