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Rob Roy Doggerel
By John Coogan

Rob Roy was captured one June day
In Perthshire prison locked away.
His captor felt the need to gloat
And bragged in letters that he wrote.

The captor soon went out of vogue
He could not hold the Highland Rogue.
Rob found a rather clever ruse
And plied his jailors with some booze.

"I have a note I need to write
May I please stand where there's some light?"
So by the jail house door he stood
And then he tricked them really good.

His ally rode up to the door
To "take the note" and nothing more.
But that guy really had some brains
He tossed to Rob the horse's reins.

Within a flash the jig was up
And Rob was yelling "Giddyup!"
Upon the horse he got away
And rode to freedom at Loch Tay.

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