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Women in History of Scots Descent
Elizabeth Mure

ELIZABETH MURE, the 1st wife (though never queen) of Robert II, is a shadowy figure of whom little is known. Her father was Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan and she was probably born in about 1315, the year after Bannockburn. She and Robert lived together for some years before their marriage, during which time she bore him 9 children. They finally married by special dispensation of Pope Clement VI, 22 November 1347, by which all their children were legitimated per subsequens matrimonium.

At this time Robert was still only Earl of Strathearn; thus, although Elizabeth became Countess of Strathearn, she was never queen of Scots, since she died before her husband ascended the throne. From the fact that Robert married again in 1355, we must infer that Elizabeth had died by that date.

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