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Marching through Georgia

To understand this story, one needs to know that during the American Civil War, Union Gen. William T. Sherman marched through Georgia, destroying almost everything in his path. To this day his marching tune "Marching Through Georgia" produces understandable outrage among the Confederate sons and daughters of Georgia  whose state was devastated by his campaign..
     My great uncle Charles C. McClaughry was a bigwig in the St. Andrews Society of the U.S. One year it fell to him to arrange for a piper for the annual convention. He duly engaged a white haired Highland veteran from Edinburgh Castle, who appeared at the Atlanta GA convention site.
    At the appropriate point in the program, Angus came out on stage and launched into a spirited version of "Marching Through Georgia" in honor of the convention state.
    Immediately he was surrounded on stage by a dozen very angry Georgia Scots, who demanded to know what he had just played.
    Said Angus, with great innocence, "The Black Watch's Lament Upon Leaving Gibraltar".
    Whereupon the anger subsided and the Georgians took their seats.
    Angus went backstage where Uncle Charlie was anxiously waiting.
    "Angus," he said, was that
really the Black Watch's Lament Upon Leaving Gibraltar."
    The old Highlander cocked his head, winked, and said "Och, yerrre a canny mon, Chollie."

Thanks to John McClaughry for sending this to us.

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