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Standing on the shore, a Scottish lady watches her grandson playing in the water. She is thunderstruck when she sees a huge wave crash over him. When it recedes, the boy is no longer there -- he had vanished!

Screaming, the woman holds her hands to the sky and cries, "Lord, how could you? Have I not been a wonderful mother and grandmother? Have I not scrimped and saved so I could give to the church? Have I not always put others before myself? Have I not always turned my other cheek and loved my neighbors? Have I not --"

A deep loud voice from the sky interrupts. "Enough already, give me a break!"

Immediately, another huge wave appears and crashes on the beach. And when it recedes, the boy is there smiling, splashing around as if nothing ever happened.

The deep loud voice continues. "I have returned your grandson. Are you satisfied?"

The grandmother responds, "He had a hat."

Thanks to Hugh Sutherland for sending this in :-)

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