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Children's Rhyme-Games - Het Rowes and Butter Cakes

"Het Rowes and Butter Cakes," in some places called '`Hickety, Rickety," is a purely boys game. One stands with his eyes bandaged, and his hands against a wall or post, with his head resting upon them. One after another his fellows come up unnamed behind him, laying hands on his back: and the rhyme is repeated by all in chorus:-

Launchman, launchman, lo,
Where shall this poor Scotchman go?
Will he gang east, or will he gang west,
Or will he gang to the hoodiecraw's nest?

The "hoodiecraw's nest" is the space between the blindfolded one's feet and the wall. When all have been sent to different places around, he who is "it" removes the bandage from his eyes; and when all are ready he gives the call "Het rowes and butter cakes!" when all rush hack to the spot whence despatched. The last to arrive is "it;" and the game goes on as before. Where played as "Hickety, Bickety," the rhyme is:-

Hickety, bickety, pease scone,
Where shall this poor Scotchman gang?
Will he gang east, or will he gang west
Or wilI he gang to the craw's nest?

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