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Children's Rhyme-Games - A Dis, a Dis, a Green Grass

"A Dis, A Dis, A Green Grass," is so simple it is a favourite generally with very little ladies. And there are different forms of the game, both in Scotland and England. if not also in other countries. The more common way, however, is for the children to stand all in a row. and, when the counting-out rhyme has been applied once and again, the two who have been "hit out" face up together hand-in-hand in front, and, advancing and retiring, sing:—

A dis, a dis, a green grass,
A dis, a dis, a dis;
Come all ye pretty fair maids,
And dance along with us.

For we are going a-roving,
A-roving; o'er the land;
We'll take this pretty fair maid,
We'll take her by the hand.

This sung, they select a girl from the group, who joins on either side, as she is directed, and the song continues, bearing now the comforting assurance to the one chosen:-

Ye shall have a duck, my dear,
And ye shall have a bean;
And ye shall have a young prince
By chance to marry you.

And if this young; prince he should die,
Then ye will get another;
And the birds will sing and the bells will ring,
And we'll all clap hands together.

Having all joined in the last two verses, all clap hands together. And the same process is repeated again and again until the last of the "pretty fair maids" is taken over from the row, when the name is ended—though it may be but to begin again as the desire is expressed and supported.

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