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Children's Songs and Ballads - How Dan, Dilly Dow

How dan, dilly dow,
Hey dow, dan,
Weel were ye're minnie,
An' ye were a nan.

Ye wad hunt an' hawk,
An' haud her o' game,
An' water your daddies horse
When he cam' hame.

How dan, dilly dow,
Hey dan, floors,
Ye'se lie i' your bed
Till eleven hours.

If at eleven hours
You list to rise,
Ye'se hae your dinner dight
In a new guise.

Laverocks legs,
And titlins' taes,
And a' sic dainties
My mammie shall hae.

A cheery and comforting lilt, indeed, with its promise of plenty. Much superior to the next, which bears in its bosom the hollow and unwelcome ring of a "toom girnal" a sound no child should ever know. It is yet a lilt familiar to the nursery:-

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